Fashion Marketer and PR

A fashion marketer is somebody who deals with the way a business is perceived by the consumers. They're all about giving the consumer a good brand experience and making them think a certain way about their brand.

A Fashion PR is somebody who is deals with the press's perception of the brand. They deal with the press and how they see the brand and they are the people who would ideally get other brands to work with their own. PR is all about reputation and is used to gain trust and understanding between brands.

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What are the roles of a fashion marketer and PR?

There are many roles of a marketer within fashion:

- Representing the brands image and making it appeal to their target audience.

The roles of a PR include:

- Appealing to the press to make sure their brand is someone they are wanting to be working with.

What are the skills needed?

The skills needed to be a marketer include:

- need to be able to understand how customers think and behave when making decisions

- good organisational and planning skills

- can lead and motivate a team

-be able to work to deadlines

- confidence to ''sell'' your ideas

- attention to detail

-good business sense and budgeting skills


-commercial awareness, understand the market and consumers wants and needs

The skills needed to work in PR include:

-communication skills

-research skills

-be creative by finding new ways to promote and approach new clients

- lateral thinking

- attention to detail

- be able to work to deadlines

- commercial awareness

- lead and motivate a team

- customer understanding

What are the day to day roles?

The day to day roles of a marketer include

- researching and analysing market trends

- identifying target markets and how to reach them

- planning campaigns and managing a budget

-designing social media strategies

- managing a team of marketing executives and assistants

-make sure all campaigns are running to deadlines and are on budget

- focus on the public

The roles of a PR include:

-Manage events

- Organising promotional events

- Representing the brand name

- Focus on the press

-planning and developing pr strategies

-liaising with colleagues

-writing press releases to target media

- writing and editing in house magazines

- devising and co ordinating photo opportunities

-organising press events

Where can the job lead to?

The two jobs can lead to similar career development, for example:

Both roles can lead to head of PR/Marketing within the company, they may move on to bigger companies or more luxury brands.

A more experienced PR or marketer could set up their own company in PR or marketing.

Working hours and Conditions?

The hours are often 9-5 but depends on whats going within the business such as events which would mean working more hours in the evening or dealing with problems that are going on.

Sometimes PR/marketers are self employed which means they can work the hours they want to or need to depending on the work.

The jobs are both generally office based daily but they are required to attend events and meetings which would be held outside the office.

They may also be required to travel to different destinations to meet clients and attend events.

The income of a Fashion Marketer and PR?

The average income of a PR/Marketer is around £18,000- £20,000. Within a few years experience salaries can increase to £30,000 per year. Senior positions such as PR director and head of marketing can range from around £40,000- £100,000. These income figures all depend on the location and size of the brand. For an example you are more likely to earn more money working for the marketing of Chanel in Central London than you are working for Primark in a local town centre.

Why do businesses need a Fashion Marketer Assistant or a PR?

Businesses need a Fashion Marketer and a PR to ensure that their brand is being represented in the way they want it to be. Without having a Marketer and a PR a brands reputation would be in jeopardy. A brand needs to make sure they are catching up on the latest trends in media and without a Marketer and a PR this could not happen.

Day in the life of a Fashion PR

A Day in the Life of a Public Relations Assistant during Fashion Week: BPCM's Chase