Slate Hill Hybrid Learning Info

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Please watch our Safety Protocol video with your child before their first day of Hybrid Learning!

Slate Hill Hybrid Protocols

How do I prepare my child for Hybrid Learning?

Preparing for School in Hybrid Learning

Before Arriving to School

  • Families are asked to assess that their child is free of symptoms linked to COVID including fever, cough and shortness of breath before they board the bus and/or come to school.

  • Under the hybrid model, half of the student body attends on any given day.

  • Students will stay with their Blue/Green group cohort throughout the day.

  • All students are expected to wear masks all day at school.

  • We would like to encourage students to come to school with more than one mask.


  • Students will be required to wear a mask on the bus unless a medical order from a physician has been approved.

  • Hand sanitizer is available on the bus.

  • A seating chart will be made and kept for record-keeping.

  • Students will sit so that there is one student per seat with the exception of siblings that may sit together.

  • Students will not be able to ride a friend’s bus home.


  • Students will enter through assigned grade level entrances upon entry to the building in order to space out our student entry and limit congregating at the doors.

Walkers will enter and exit through Door # 8 or #13

Kindergarten students will enter and exit through Door #1 or Door #5

1st grade, 2nd grade and 3rd grade students will enter or exit through Door #1 or Door #4

4th, 5th or 6th grade students will enter or exit through Door #8 or Door #2

  • Walkers are asked to not arrive before 8:00am so that students are not standing in groups outside the doors.
  • All car riders are asked to stay in their cars until 8:00am and students are released by a staff member to avoid groups gathering outside the doors.
  • Stars will be painted on the sidewalks to help with distancing.

  • Students will apply hand sanitizer upon entry into the classroom.

  • After the tardy bell, students must arrive through front doors.

Hallways, Restrooms and Common Areas

  • All students will need to stay on the right or left side as they walk in the hallways to eliminate exposure to other students. Tape and directional arrows have been added to the hallways.

  • Restrooms will be limited to no more than three- four students at one time - a hook and hanger method will be utilized. Each student will be supplied a bathroom tag to hang outside of the restroom to provide a visual of the number of students in the restroom.

  • There will be no classroom restroom breaks to limit crowding in hallways and around restrooms.

  • Students will use the restroom when needed.

  • There are visual waiting spots on the ground outside of restrooms to designate distanced waiting spots.

  • Hand washing will be practiced and required at the restroom. Students will sanitize their hands when they return to the classroom.

  • Students must walk in the hallways six feet apart from one another.

  • Drinking fountains have been disengaged except for water bottle fillers.

  • Students are encouraged to bring a water bottle.

  • Restrooms are being cleaned every two hours by custodians.

  • High touch surfaces will be cleaned throughout the day.

Breakfast and Lunch

  • Breakfast and lunch will occur in the classrooms.

  • Breakfast will be pre-packaged.

  • Parents are asked to sign up for a LinQ account to preorder breakfast and lunch for their child.

  • All classrooms are NUT FREE.

  • All students will be washing their hands before and after lunch.

  • Take home meals will be available for the students that preorder their breakfast and lunch for the days that they are "at home" learning during hybrid.


  • Masks will be required for all students at all times while at recess.

  • All recess activities will limit physical interaction and maintain 6 feet distancing.

  • Each cohort/classroom will be assigned their own recess equipment.

  • Students will remain in classroom cohorts in designated spaces/zones.

  • No big toy playground equipment will be used.

  • Students will wash and/or sanitize their hands upon reentry of the classroom.

  • Parents are encouraged to provide some type of Indoor recess kits (coloring books, play dough, etc) for students since they will not be able to play games in groups during indoor recess.


  • Teachers will be reviewing, teaching and modeling safety procedures.

  • All students will be social distancing of 6 feet or more.

  • All students are expected to wear masks all day at school.

  • Students will not be able to share supplies.

  • A seating chart will be made and kept for record-keeping and turned into the office.

  • Teachers will rotate to students' classrooms. Students will not rotate rooms. (5th/6th grade teachers)

  • Please send your student with a water bottle labeled with their first and last name.

  • Students will keep their backpacks, coats and supplies at their seats.

  • Staff and students will use wipes to clean desks and areas after breakfast, lunch and end of the day.

  • Custodians will clean classrooms each evening using an electrostatic system.

Related Arts

  • Related Arts teachers will travel to the classrooms.

  • Students will have the same related arts class for two weeks.

  • Classes will be 45 minute time slots.

  • Band and Strings will take place only 1 time each week.

Clinic Procedures and Parent Volunteers

  • Any student not feeling well will stand on the distancing dot in the “waiting” area outside of the clinic.

  • Parents picking up students will wait in a reception area, and students will be brought to them.

  • District information and resources for COVID.

  • Parents are allowed in the building but not in the classrooms. They may wait in the office waiting area.

  • We are not able to have regular parent volunteers in the building unless parents are volunteering to assist with recess equipment cleaning. Please email Mrs.Gulley at if you are interested in helping from 11:00-1:30pm.

  • Students are asked to keep their borrowed chromebooks at home to work on "at home" learning during hybrid. If you are having any technology issues with the chromebook, please contact the Slate Hill Office staff.


  • When moving through the hallway, students will stay to the right or left of the hallway for social distancing.

  • Studens will exit through their grade level assigned door to limit the amount of students in the hallway.

  • We will be staggering dismissal to allow for 6 feet distance.

  • For our car riders, parents are asked to have the student's last name and grade on the window or dash to help our student pick up move quickly.

  • Stars will be painted on the sidewalks to help with social distancing reminders.

  • Students cannot ride another friend's bus home.

  • All changes in transportation have to be made by 2:15pm.

Counselor Hybrid Learning Updates:

Hello Slate Hill Families!

During Hybrid you may continue using the Calendly link below to schedule a virtual meeting with me for yourself or if your child needs to meet with me. I plan to meet with most students who request a one-on-one meeting using Zoom instead of taking them from their learning time while at school. If you have any questions or concerns about your child's social and emotional well-being, please feel free to email me at You can also continue to find resources on the Slate Hill Counseling Website.

How To Schedule a Student or Family Member Meeting with Me:

Please use the following link to schedule a meeting for a student through the website Calendly. Students may need some assistance from a family member when completing their meeting request.

Schedule an Appointment

What you can do if you are having a crisis and need to talk to someone right away:

  • Call Nationwide Children's Hospital Crisis Hotline at 1-614-722-1800

  • Text “HOME” to 741741

  • Call 911 if you are having an emergency

  • Call "COVID Care Line" at 1-800-720-9616

Maternity Leave

Ms. Slemmer will be helping out at Slate Hill as the School Counselor while I am on maternity leave with my baby boy! She will be at Slate from the middle of October to the end of January. I'm so excited for her to meet you all! Her contact information will be available once I am on leave.

Do you still have questions about Hybrid Learning? Please join Mrs. Gulley on Zoom to ask your questions.

Thursday, Sep. 24th, 5:30pm

This is an online event.

Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 968 0162 6260