Benjamin Franklin

Restoration Time Period

Ben Franklin's inventions

- Bifocals

- Electricity

- Lightning Rod

- Franklin Stove

- Glass Harmonica

Timeline of Ben Franklin's life

1706- Born in Boston, MA

1718- Apprentice with brother James in printing shop

1728- Opens printing shop in Philidelphia, PA

1729- Becomes sole owner of Pennsylvania Gazette

1731- Founds first public library

1752- Kite experiment

1757- Goes to England as colonial representative

1759- Writes Poor Richard's Almanack

1776- Signs Declaration of Independence

1782- Negotiates Treaty of Peace with Great Britain

1787- Signs Constitution of the United States

1790- Dies in Philidelphia, PA

Random Facts about Ben Franklin

  • He was the 15th child and youngest son of his family
  • Stopped going to school at age 10
  • Created a pseudonym at age 16; "Mrs. Silence Dogood" to use when writing letters in his brother's newspaper
  • He was a self-taught swimmer who crafted his own wooden flippers and was inducted as an honorary member of the International Swimming Hall of Fame in 1968

Ben Franklin's Birthday

Tuesday, Jan. 17th 2017 at 12am

Philadelphia, PA, United States

Philadelphia, PA

This would be his 311th birthday!

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