The Coahuiltecans Tribe Of Texas

By: Ami Mangrola

The Foods They Eat

They were nomadic hunter-gathers and ate deer, armadillos, rabbits, lizards, and birds. There also fished when they where near a stream. They also gathered fruit from prickly pear cactus, nuts, mesquite beans, and tubers(are root vegetables.

The Region Where They Lived

The Coahuiltecans lived in the hot dry South Texas Plains.

What They Lived In and the Tools and Weapons They Used

Special Traditions and Religion

They had spiritual beliefs and they ad ceremonies that were led by the shaman.

Organization of Leadership

They really didn't have a government system, but the elders were like the leaders of the group. The men were the leaders and it was past down through the family.

Where They are Located Now and How They Are Now

The Coahuiltecans are now extinct, but some of the decedents still live in South Texas.