Leap Into Literacy: Grade 1


Learning About the World: Reading Nonfiction

Wild Kratts: A Great Resource for Nonfiction Fluency

In Bend II and Bend III of Learning About the World: Reading Nonfiction you'll help your students make their voices reflect more meaning and provide emphasis to help convey what a word, phrase, or whole section means (p. X). You an use a short video clip of a nonfiction topic to model how students' voices should sound.

Coach students to use their voices to "punch out" (add emphasis) important words.

Follow this link (or see below) to see a sample Wild Kratt's show about monkeys, which could link to your mentor text, Hang on, Monkey! by Susan B. Neuman.

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Planning for Conferring

We know that there are four overall methods to choose from when planning for instruction. When planning for conferring, it can be helpful to think about the four-method framework outlined in this article (found on the twowritingteachers.org)

This article gives examples and prompts for using the following four methods:

  • Demonstration
  • Coaching
  • Inquiry
  • Telling/explaining

Demonstration: act out or model the steps of a strategy in front of students to make the work of reading visible

Coaching: Give reminders, prompts and support as the student is doing the work

Inquiry: The student develops solutions to the problems that come from either the student or the teacher.

Telling/Explaining: Just like it sounds. It can be very helpful for clearing up misconceptions.

Remember: The goal of conferring is to push students forward to do the work on their own when you're not there.