Christian Crusade

Christians take the Holy Land. Landon J.

Good from Crusade?

There has to be some good of the crusade when it is all said and done, Christians will again be able to go to Jerusalem. But, some good does not outweigh all of the bad. Crusaders are fighting not only for their religion but for personal gain. And they have pardoned for all actions of the Crusades.

Crusades-Good Idea or a Bad One?

Pros of the Crusades

Christians will once again be able to pass through the Holy Land. We will have taken the land that the Muslims have taken from us. The new land will mean a new space for people to live.

Cons of the Crusades

People went on complete rampages, the crusaders went and slaughtered inoccents and had no punishment. Christians killed Jews in name of God. I see this is as a horrible thing because no one should be persecuted because of one's beliefs.


In my opinion, the cons of the Crusades outweigh the pros. There will be thousands of deathes, people will not be happy in the end. Crusaders will able to do anything they want on the Crusade because of the pardon from God.