Water Hazards of the world.

How are Tsunamis Formed?How tall are they?How fast are they?

All about Tsunamis!

Tsunamis are a large set of waves that are mostly caused by volcanic eruption .Tsunamis slow down and compresses then they get bigger. Tsunamis can travel up to 500 miles per hour and can get up to 500 feet tall. When a tsunamis get closer to land they slow down and compress. They slowly get higher and higher until they get as tall as they can then they wipe out every thing nearby. Tsunamis happen when there's a violent disruption in the water when an Oceanic plate hits a Continental plate pressure builds up. Then the heavier Oceanic plate slips under the lighter Continental plate it creates giant wave that is 1,600 kilometers. When it gets to the shore it can turn into a massive wave. It can turn a city into wood. It takes a gigantic earthquake with a scale of 7.5 to trigger a massive tsunami.
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Safety tips for a Tsunami

  • Evacuate all the the people when tsunamis are going to come
  • Pack a kit with food, water, flashlight, sleeping bag and some special belongings so you can go with out your house for a long time

Fun Facts

  • The Ring of Fire is where most tsunamis happen.
  • This is because of the earth quakes that happen.
  • It is impossible to stop a tsunami.
  • Warning systems are put in.
  • When tsunamis hit they can travel 6 miles to land.
  • Tsunami is Japanese for harbor wave.


  • Tsunami- a large sea wave produced by a sea quake or volcanic eruption.
  • Compress-to come together