Third Grade Reading Rock Stars!

Happy Easter

Great Reading News!

Here we go again! We have five graduates leaving us, so sad for us but so happy too! We are extremely proud of all our kiddos increasing their reading abilities. We only have 39 more school days, wow, just think back on the books you read in the beginning of the year and what you are reading now. Pretty awesome!

Our reading group continue to grow as readers. We have videos of them discussing their independent book and recommendations (sending videos at later date). Also, students are writing summaries each week on their book (see below). During 'Book Club' (with myself or Mrs. Andraska) students are using their strategies to gain insight of characters, using expression, plot, prefix/suffix, contractions... They are able to discuss their book with group member(s) when they move to 'Book Club sharing' and work on their packet independently. As the end of school is fast approaching we are increasing our expectations as well.