Daily Announcemnents

Madison County High School

Mr. Jeremy F. Lowry, Principal

Mr. Craig Hill, Asst. Principal

Mrs. Regina Bennett, Asst. Principal

Hours of Operation

Doors Open - 8:00 am

Dismiss to 1st Block - 8:20 am

1st Block - 8:30 - 10:05 am

Break - 10:05 - 10:15 am

2nd Block - 10:15 - 11:45 am

3rd Block - 11:50 - 1:55pm (Lunch is Served during 3rd)

4th Block - 2:00 - 3:30pm

Madison County High School

Visit our website to find info about MCHS, Athletics, Faculty/Staff, Library, Academics, Clubs, Guidance, Parent Resources, Administration, Edmodo, JROTC, News and Information and a new bullet to report (confidential) Bullying.

Service Hour Oppurtunity

Attention Seniors: A service hour opportunity is available December 22 at Christmas Charities Year Round. Please see Mrs. Smith for details to sign up.

Juniors and Seniors

Juniors and Seniors, if you want to hold your cost at $50 for prom, you must pay your downpayment of $10 by December 16. After the first of the year, the cost will go up to $100. Please see Mrs. Houk to make your downpayment.

Prom Committee Sign Up

Any juniors interested in being on Prom Committee, please meet in Mrs. Smith's room Wednesday, Dec 5th during Homeroom.

Service Hour Oppurtunity

A service hour opportunity is available December 22nd at Christmas Charities Year Round. Please see Mrs. Smith for details to sign up.

Calhoun Tour

Seniors: Calhoun Tour has been scheduled for December 7th. Seniors that signed up for the Calhoun Tour need to pick up a permission slip outside of Ms. Pearsall's office. Space is limited and will be assigned based on returned permission forms. Forms are due back NLT 12/5/16.


Any student who is interested in volunteering for tornado clean up on Saturday, please meet in the library during resource on Friday for an informational meeting

MCHS Parent Hospitality Group - will be hosting the Faculty Fall Luncheon

Student Council

Student Council will meet each Thursday at 8:00 in the library. New members are welcome to attend.

Progress Report Dates

November 8, 2016

February 2, 2017

April 20, 2017

Parking Passes

All students who drive to school need to purchase their $20 Parking Passes for the 2016-17 school year by the 19th of August. They are sold at the table by the student entrance each morning.

Tiger Pals Club

In our efforts to create an inclusive campus for all students, we have created the Tigers Pals Club. This club is designed to help build positive relationships between the regular grade students (9th- 12th) and our special students (9th-12th) in Mrs. Marsha Smith’s class. Applicants must have strong leadership skills and must be willing to make a commitment to the club and their pal for the entire school year. If you are interested in becoming a part of this club please see Mrs. Legston in room #148.


Balfour 205-733-1060


869 Tulip Poplar Drive

Birmingham, Alabama 35244

Items ordered through Balfour have to be paid directly to Balfour by check or phone.

College Visits to MCHS

College Visitors- Please stop by and visit with these schools if you have questions regarding admissions and/or scholarships.

Upcoming Scholarships

SCHOLARSHIPS: Pick up copies of these outside the counselor office.


National Honor Society

COLLEGE visits to MCHS

Junior / Senior Newsletter

See the latest posting of the Junior/Senior Newsletter. Scholarships, Scholarships, Scholarships!!!!!

ATTENTION - Important Info in regards to Entering our School

In an effort to keep safety a top priority all exterior doors will remain locked at all times (including the front entrance).

To enter MCHS:

Please push the RED button on the new Bell/Speaker/Camera system located in between the sets of main doors above the handicap access button.

Once you press the button please wait to be greeted and someone will help you. At that point the door will be unlocked to assist you with what you may need.

Please see picture for diagram.

INOW Parent Portal

INOW Parent Portal - you may view your students grades, attendance, etc in the INOW Parent Portal

1. Go to this link https://inow-madisonco.asc.edu/informationnow

2. Use these credentials when first prompted

a. User Name mcsparent

b. Password ilovemyschool

3. Once successfully logging in to this site, use your INOW user ID and password.

If you need a user name and password, please email Mrs. Smith our Registrar at kcsmith@mcssk12.org or call 256-851-3270

Student Parking

Students should see Col. Maijala or Sgt. Shipp, in room 170, for a student parking form. Return the signed forms (including parent signature) with their driver’s license, proof of insurance and $25.00 to receive a parking decal. All students driving to school MUST have an MCHS parking decal.

Driver's Permit

Please remember to get your “School Enrollment Form” before you apply for your driver’s permit. This form is required by the DMV for all students. It does have an expiration date (10 days) so have a date planned before you request the enrollment form.

Vistors per the MCHS Student Code of Conduct


School policy is to accept only those visitors who have legitimate business at the school. A visitor is anyone not presently a student, teacher or employee of the Madison County Board of Education. All visitors will report to the principal’s office to sign in. Upon approval, a pass will be issued for the visit. Unauthorized visitors will be asked to leave and if they do not, the Madison County Sheriff’s Department will be called to remove them. This includes visiting in the parking lot, street and/or the school zone. Visitors are not permitted to eat lunch with students except with prior permission of the principal.

Outside Food

  • Please remember we do not allow any outside food to be delivered to students.

Cell Phone Policy

Cell Phone Policy

Cell phones are permitted but with the following stipulations:

  1. Cell phone use is permit during break and during lunch only to be used in the Cafeteria.
  2. Cell phones are NOT permitted in the classroom unless a teacher has instructed use of such device.
  3. All ringers must be set to silent while on school campus
  4. Headphones and Ear buds are ONLY permitted if a teacher has instructed the students to use them. Headphones and Ear buds are NOT allowed during break or at lunch in the cafeteria.
  5. School administrators may make exceptions as to when and where cell phones may be used based on extenuating circumstances to serve a school purpose and need.
  6. Cell phones will be confiscated from students who violate this policy and will be returned 2 School Days after the cell phone is taken.
    1. If the phone is confiscated on a Friday, the phone is to be turned in to the front office immediately, the phone will be returned to the student at the end of the school day. The phone will be required to be turned back in to the front office before school begins (8:30am) on the following Monday. The student will NOT be reminded or asked for the phone on Monday. If the phone is NOT returned to the front office the student will be assigned AAP for 2 days.
  7. After the 3rd time the cell phone is taken a parent or guardian will be required to come and pick it up.

Violations of this policy will be handled the same as other similar violations of policies, rules and procedures by students in school. Each time a students communication devise is confiscated it will be held in the administration office.

Attendance Policy

Absence from School

Code of Alabama (1975) § 16-28-15

Every parent or custodian of any child required to attend school, shall, within three school days, explain the cause of any absence of the child. Failure to furnish explanation shall be admissible as evidence of the child being truant. A good cause or valid excuse explanation is outlined below:

Excused Absence

1X – Personal Illness Elementary, Intermediate, and Middle School Students – A maximum of eight (8) absences for the school year shall be coded as an excused absence when a valid excuse is provided by the parent or custodian.

High School Students - A maximum of four (4) absences per semester shall be coded as an excused absence when a valid excuse is provided by the parent or custodian.

Madison County Board of Education Attendance Policy

Dress Code

  • Students please remember leggings/tights are NOT pants. If you choose to wear these articles of clothing please remember your shirt or dress must meet the finger tip length requirement. You will be sent home or asked to change if you are not to Dress Code standard.
  • Pants with holes are NOT allowed. You will be sent home or asked to change if you are not to Dress Code standard.

MCHS Dress Code

Daily Announcements

Daily Announcements: Parents, if you are no longer interested in receiving the Tiger Paw (daily announcements) please log on to www.madison.k12.al.us , follow the steps below to leave the mailing list. If you ever have any questions, please feel free to contact the school at 256-776-6247.

  • Click on ListServ (under Quick Links, bottom left side of page)
  • Click on MCHS (left side of screen)
  • Click on Join or Leave MCHS (right side of screen)
  • Complete form
  • Confirm email

Selective Service

When young men turn 18 they must register with Selective Service. Registering keeps you eligible for financial aid, government jobs, and job training. It’s quick; it’s easy; and it’s the law. To register for the Selective Service visit the post office or go online to sss.gov

Hot-Line Number

Madison County Schools has a HOT-LINE NUMBER. To report suspicious activity in or related to our schools, call 256-713-0257. You will remain anonymous.

Student Harassment Policy

The Board of Education adopted a student harassment policy in June 2010. The policy can be found at https://www.madison.k12.al.us/departments/personnel/default.aspx .

The Madison County School District:

Does not discriminate in admission, treatment, or access to programs or activities on the basis of race, religious preference, disability, age, gender, national origin, citizenship, non-English speaking ability, or homeless status. The Title IX and ADA Compliance Officer’s Contact Information: Mrs. Anna S. Watts, Coordinator of Pupil Services, 1275 F Jordan Rd., Building B, Huntsville, AL 35811; Telephone: 256-852-2557, ext. 1715; Fax #: 256-851-2127; Email address: awatts@madison.k12.al.us.

Senior Community Service

Gurley Rec Center is looking for seniors to volunteer to earn service hours during baseball tournaments scheduled for May 14th - May 21st

They need volunteers to take up money at the gate, keep the official score books, work concessions, paint the picnic tables and keep the park clean.

Please let Mrs. Smith know if you are interested ASAP

All Seniors are required to complete a minimum of 5 hours of Community Service in order to graduate. You may Pick up Community Service hour forms from Mrs. Smith in room 138.


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Welcome Back to the 2016-17 School Year!!!