Cyber Safety & Digital Footprints.

Speech by Kylee Morris

What you will learn

-digital footprints

-safe passwords

-cyber safety

-online safety

Kylees Speech

Friday, March 13th, 9pm

Houston, TX, United States

Houston, TX

-Digital footprints are what you leave behind on the internet. Every site you go on will be on your digital footprint. Also, everything you look up could be on there too.

- when you have to make a password, make sure theres a mix of letters and numbers because someone can hack you.

-when you think someones getting hacked, do not text them and ask them because you could be next.

-only order things online if it has a best seller rate.

- dont click links that your not sure about.

- dont go on inappropriate websites because i will go on your digital footprint and could affect you in the future.

- disable your phone if you lose it in public,

- pull over and answer your phone

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