Advertising Manager

Mia Luciano

Job Description

An advertising manager develops, implements, and manages the company's advertising strategy, both from a business, sales and technical perspective. It is their job to initiate and manage discussion and sales with sponsor and agencies. They spend time negotiating agreements with outside sales representatives, managing the development of sales materials, including media kits.
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Necessary Skills

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported that advertising managers must hold the following traits: excellent communication skills, with the ability to speak and listen, as well as clearly express their ideas; ability to make swift decisions, work through stressful situations and solve problems quickly; creative personality; and effective management and supervising skills.

Educational Requirements

Advertising managers often possess a 4-year bachelor's degree in advertising or a related field such as journalism or marketing. Typical courses that are pertinent to an advertising manager's job duties include media strategy, account services, advertising planning, creative strategy and ad design. No certification or license is typically required for the position.


In Georgia: The average annual salary for an advertising manager in the state of Georgia is $83, 323. The 90% receives about $124,842 annually, while on the other hand the lowest 10% receives about $60,885 a year.

In the Nation: The BLS noted that advertising and promotions managers earn a median salary of $88,590 in May 2012.

Job Settings

From my research on annual salaries, I noticed that there was a higher demand for advertising managers in densely populated areas within the state.

Personality Synopsis

Common traits of advertising managers include interpersonal skills, creativity, idea generation, good written expression, oral comprehension, written comprehension, and deductive reasoning.

3 Things to Know About Being an Advertising Manager

  1. It's NOT like Mad Men.
  2. The days are long. Sometimes really long.
  3. Every day is different.
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