Costa Rica

Connor Cox

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Brief Description of Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a very rough, and a rain forest covered country in Central America. It has coasts that go along the Caribbean and Pacific Ocean. Costa Rica is known for its beaches, volcanoes and large diversity from other central american countries.

la bibioteca- National Library Costa Rica

  • Has massive upside down arches that are made of glass in it.
  • This library has been hit by multiple earth quakes and is considered the library hit most times in the world by an earth quake.
  • It strikes as a very modern library but has been standing in the same spot un-modified for 40 years.
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el café- Doka Estate

  • This coffee shop has been open since the 1940's and has been run by the same family the whole time passed down generation to generation.
  • It is the oldest family owned coffee shop in the country.
  • They are also very welll known not for just their coffee but for their breakfast food as well.
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la casa- Celebrity house

  • Mel Gibson considers Costa Rica his home away from home
  • He goes here to escape the daily life of being a celebrity in Hollywood and not having to face all the cameras 24/7
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el cine- Cinépolis

  • Biggest chain of theaters in Costa Rica
  • They have 335 theaters in 97 different cities
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el estadio- Estadio Nacional de Costa Rica

  • The Stadium was completed in 2014.
  • The stadium replaced the original national stadium which was just getting too old and dangerous to use.
  • It also is the home for the national football of Costa Rica
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la iglesia- Cartago

  • This church was the first capital of Costa Rica
  • Surrounded by cities and mountains on all four sides
  • This church has a lot of hiking and shopping around it
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el lago- Lake Arenal

  • Located in northern highlands of Costa Rica
  • It is the largest lake in Costa Rica at an area of 33 sq miles
  • The depth varies from 100-200 feet in different spots
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las montañas- Arenal Volcano

  • Stands at 5,359 feet high
  • It is the highest point in Costa Rica.
  • It is also considered a young volcano but has been in the same place for thousands of centuries.
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el museo- Museo Nacional de Costa Rica

  • It is the national museum of Costa Rica.
  • It is located in the capital of Costa Rica, San Jose.
  • The museum was built in 1917 and was originally used for a military bunker
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el parque- Guanacaste National Park

  • Located in the northwestern part of the country
  • Has over 10,000 species that call this park home
  • It is slightly over 340 square kilometers
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la playa- Jaco, Costa Rica

  • Jaco beach usually has a high humidity.
  • Jaco lies along the sea horse.
  • It also lies between several mountains and is considered in a valley
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la plaza- San José, Costa Rica

  • This is the capital of Costa Rica and where most the population lies.
  • When there are tourists they come to Costa Rica for the beach and this.
  • San José is the main shopping center for tourists and the general population.

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el restraunte- Le Papillion

  • It is located on a busy street Corner in San José
  • It specializes in french cuisines
  • They have requirements to go there you must wear a suit.
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el zoológico- Simon Bolivar Zoo

  • Largest and most important Zoo of Costa Rica
  • Located in the very center of Costa Rica
  • A lot of the citizens visit it daily

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el templo- San José Costa Rica temple

  • It's built in San José the capital of Costa Rica
  • The LDS church is relatively new in Costa Rica
  • The temple opened for tours in 2000
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