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8th grade newsletter

Week of October 29 - November 2


Important Dates:


26 No School


7 Student-Led Conferences

9 FMS Dance @ 7

14 Student-Led Conferences



We've received several inquiries about students' grades this year. Mostly, you've been asking, "Where are their scores?" You may not be seeing many scores in your child's gradebook. That's because with our move to standards referenced grading, we don't enter grades as frequently. Rather than grading many individual assignments and then averaging them, we are scoring only major assessments that test your child's overall mastery of a standard. But we are tracking your child's progress! Please ask them to show you their data binder in Google Classroom. In the documents you'll find there, your child will be able to show you their progress towards meeting the standards we are working on in class.

Please reach out to your teachers with questions, and we appreciate your patience as we implement our updated gradebook.


The 8th grade team

Midterm Grades Update:

As we reach midterm, many classes are finishing up their first unit and assessing student learning. You can expect that grades in SIS K-12 will be updated in the next week to reflect student progress. If you want another way to stay up-to-date on your child's pre-test, formative and post-assessment progress, you can ask your child to open their e-binder in Google Classroom. This is a new way that we are helping students to track their own learning.


Below you will find the link to the Proficiency Scale for ELO 2 (Concepts of slope and y-intercept). Ask your child where they are currently performing. They have that information in their 8th Grade eBinder.
Week at a Glance:

Students will be working on understanding graphing with slope-intercept form and an introduction to systems of equations. Please ensure that your child is keeping up with their Independent Work.

This Week's Objectives:

Identify slope and y-intercept in equations and graph the equations.

Daily Independent Work:

Monday: 3-4 Slope-Intercept (manipulating equations and graphing); Worksheet

Tuesday: 3-6 Writing Linear Equations; pg 225 1-6 even/odd

Wednesday: 3-6 Activity

Thursday: 3-7 Solving Systems by Graphing; Worksheet

Friday: Lesson 3-7; pg 239 1-6

Advanced Math

Week at a Glance:

This week students will complete showing their understanding of inequalities.

This Week's Objectives:

Solve inequalities in one variable.

Daily Independent Work:

Monday: Finish Test

Tuesday: Intro to Topic 2 and ReTeach

Wednesday: Corrections

Thursday: Review Worksheet

Friday: No School

Social Studies

Week at a Glance:

Students are looking at the landmark Supreme court case ruling over Marbury v Madison and the impact of Judicial Review. Ask your child to tell you all about it!

Students will also be working on citing textual evidence by comparing and contrasting two midterm election candidates.

Important Vocabulary:

  • Judicial Review
  • Midnight judges
  • William Marbury
  • James Madison
  • Writ of Mandamus
  • Thomas Jefferson

Learning Target for the Week:

"Students can summarize the Marbury v. Madison case and the significance of judicial review."

"Students can cite evidence from text to summarize its meaning and draw conclusions"


This week and early next week we will conclude our study of Flowers for Algernon. Please ask your student their thoughts on the reading, we have all had amazing class discussion regarding the short story and complimentary movie. As we finish the story we will be taking a post assessment over objective 8.RL.1.A.. We will also pre-assess where students are at to determine class content to teach 8.RL.1.B.-using pre-fixes to determine the meaning of words.

Monday: Finish Flowers for Algernon & Pre-Test 8.RL.1.B.

Tuesday: Post Test over 8.RL.1.A

Wednesday: Halloween Surprise Teacher Lesson

Thursday: Re-teach/ Re-test Flowers for Algernon

Friday: Re-teach/ Re-test Flowers for Algernon


Week at a Glance: This week students will be working learning about the sum of forces and how it affects motion

This Week's Objectives:

PS2A2--Plan and conduct an investigation to provide evidence that the change in an object's motion depends on the sum of forces on the object and the mass of the object.

Daily Activities:

Monday:Review for types along with net force.

Tuesday: Discuss Marble bashing experiments

Wednesday: Learn about sum of forces.

Thursday: Conduct investigation about sum of forces

Friday: Debrief about sum of forces investigation

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