Nuclear Weapons

By: Peter Engelhardt

Bombing on Japan from USA.

The United States dropped a nuclear bomb on Japan to end WW2 on August 6, 1945 and dropped a second one August 9, 1945. the first one was on Hiroshima, and the second on Nagasaki. Japan bomber Pearl Harbor when we were not in the war and that brought us in the war.

The Manhattan Project

Before the war out broke in 1939, american scientists were creating a nuclear weapon. then in 1940 the government funded itself for the atomic weapon. the Manhattan project gets its name from the engineers are from the Manhattan district. the used uranium 235 and plutonium 239 and early morning on July 16, 1945 they had there first successful test.

Truman hit the big red button.

People all over the world wonder if he should of brought the war to such a swift end. at first everyone agreed with him but now less and less agree and now less then half agree. when he dropped the "special bomb" there was not much to say but good the war was over now people are thinking more about it and wonder was it worth it.

The Washington post

"Seventy years after the united States dropped the world's first atomic bomb on the Japanese city of Hiroshima, its place in history remains secure. as the post has written: "It's seared into the collective global memory- no other time in history has a nuclear weapon been used in war." but how do the United States and Japan, and the rest of the world for that matter, teach this seminal event so many decades after the world witnesses this incredible display of force (Herman Wong, The Washington Post 2015).

Should the bomb have been dropped?

The big thing they talked about was ethics and if it was ethical to drop and kill so many people on impact and more in the next couple of days. Was it inhuman to kill that many people instead of fighting.
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Nuke or Fight?

When Truman was brought into the office he learned the secret of the Manhattan project and the power he had with this single thing. After it looked like this war was never going to end we gave them a warning that we have something no one has never seen and that we will use it. He did not respond to well with it so we did, then again in 3 days, finally he surrendered.
Atomic Bomb Dropped To Nagasaki (National Geographic Documentary)