Code Of Ethics

By: The Trey smith


  1. I am honest when i do not do my homework and i do not come up with an excuse i just say i did not do it.
  2. I am also honest when i am getting water at a fast-food place i do not try to take drinks.


  1. I always keep peoples secrets


  1. I am almost always reliable when it comes to group projects.
  2. I also keep all my promise if it is a promise to someone I like.
  3. I even flush the toilet after i go to the bathroom and sometime if it was a big nasty one I do a courtesy flush.
  4. i always make sure i throw my trash away instead of littering.


  1. when doing something new I always try my best even if i am scared.
  2. I help people when they are unstable and potentially dangerous.
  3. I am also never afraid to raise my hand when i need help.


  1. I do not follow people in to bad situations.
  2. I do my work by myself or maybe with a little help, i just do not cheat.