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Where the Different lies between a Tax Lawyer, Enrolled Agent, and an Accountant?

A Tax Lawyer, Enrolled Agent, and a Certified Public Accountant all three kinds of professionals are considered suitable when it comes to tax-related matters. However, we cannot deny the fact that each one of them comes with certain qualities. A CPA as an example can tackle your financial reporting and management matters with more care and proficiency. On the other hand, you can anticipate a good performance by an enrolled agent in perspective of preparation and filing of your returns. A Tax Lawyer is the one who is quite different from other two mentioned classes of professionals. Their accuracy. Knowledge and experience in the tax related matters make them an ideal choice. We all know good always comes at a cost and thus acquiring a lawyer tax services is quite expensive relatively. But, the kind of services that one can obtain from a legal professional cannot even come closer to their non-legal counterparts. This article is written to give you an idea about some of the services that you cannot anticipate and demand from EA`s and CPA`s.

An Important Clarification

Being a neutral and unbiased source of legal and tax related information, we do have a policy of impartiality and fairness. We do acknowledge the significant role that EA`s and CPA`s are playing on the socio-economic stage of this country. Whatever you are going to read ahead is a factually based argument. We, respect all the professionals who are working in this field and appreciate their involvement. Sometimes, it becomes inevitable for individuals the hiring of a tax attorney or lawyer and this article is written to guide all such individuals so that they can end up with a better choice.
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The Benefits of Unlimited Representation

Yes! You're hired CPA or an EA can also represent you while negotiating with the IRS. However, they are not privileged enough and cannot provide you with unlimited representation services. While on the other hand a tax lawyer can help you in keeping yourself at a distance from all these filthy affairs. After assigning a lawyer as your representation, you will be able to get a complete indemnity even from court proceedings. This right of representation is a huge benefit and can create a difference. Those who went through such proceedings know very well how disgusting and challenging it is to defend your case before the IRS who wants nothing but money and more money.

Access to top Class Consultation

Consultation is a crucial factor in each and every walk of the life. Whether it is about your health, career or your family – the importance of consultation remains intact. Similar is the case when it comes to tax affairs. In some cases what all a taxpayer need is some moral support and good advice. A tax lawyer as per our understanding is the best possible source of legal information that exists. Don’t go with EA in case if you are confused and willing to choose one option out of two or more. An EA can assist you in preparation and filing of returns, but you simply cannot expect him to be an all-rounder. It is like asking for medical advice from a nurse or any other paramedic.

Wealth Management in a Tax Friendly Way

Being wealthy is something great, but it comes with even more responsibilities. The State levies more taxes on those who earn more or who retain more money. In all such cases, it is a tax lawyer who can provide you with the best advice. Consider that you are willing to buy an offshore company or want to invest your money somewhere outside the United States of the American. Now, it is a point where your accountant can assist you with legalities involved. Holding offshore accounts in a discreet manner is a criminal offense, and huge fines are levied against those who do so without declaring their offshore wealth. In our opinion, a tax lawyer can assist you in maintaining your wealth in a tax friendly and safer way