Ivanaa's Delta Kite (:

I hopee youu enjoy !

This is my blueprint (:

This is where all my ideas were drawn and thought out. Then my ideas came to life as my kite now ! My blue print was very thoughtout as well as the real kite was.


  • Trashbag
  • Tape
  • wooden dowles
  • scissors
  • glitter
  • tissue paper
  • yarn/string



1.) first since this is a delta kite you have to draw a triangular shape on the trashbag/paper.

2.)then cut out that shape that you made on the trashbag/paper.

3.)then with the wooden dowels make a cross , then tie it up with a ribbion then lay it down on the trashbag/paper and tape it down.

4.)then add more wooden dowles around the end of the sides of the triangle. DONT TAPE THE WOODEN DOWLES TO THE BOTTOM OF THE TRIANGLE !! -_-

5.) then cut out out a tail, or a long piece of tissue paper then attatch it to the bottom of the kite with tape.

6.) then decorate the kite anyway YOU want too!

7.)then find a clear space , with strong,healthy wind to fly it

8.) then fly your beautiful kite !! (:

Ivanaa Radjenovic

Im so pretty ^_^