Week of 11-17-14


Man of you have implemented new ways lately to combat missing assignments. Thank you for continuing to refine your approaches to meeting the needs of our students! Continue to communicate with your parents on things taking place in your classroom and ways to help their student succeed. Sending a weekly mass email or calling home goes a long ways. Explaining what parents can find on Canvas and PowerSchool are always valuable for parents to know.

Thanks for constantly not taking excuses for our students!

Thanksgiving Basket Brigade

Orizon Real Estate is sponsoring the basket brigade again for our area like they did last year. If you, your family, school team, athletic team, club, or department would like to purchase items for a Thanksgiving dinner basket please let me know. Thanks!


We will not be meeting as a group in the morning. You can meet in departments for collaboration. Math and ELA departments can continue to discuss the use of Study Island in their classes.


Office Staff

Wednesday- Deming out P.M.

Bill out P.M.


Monday- Boys Gold vs Westview

Tuesday- Girls @ St. Vincent

Thursday- Boys Blue @ West Noble

Boys Gold vs Fremont

Saturday- Boys Blue @ Westview Tournament