April Senior Bulletin

Scholarships, events, and information for Burris Seniors!


This is the time of year to keep your grades strong and apply for scholarships! Here are the ones that are available through the Burris Counseling Center right now!

Class of 2019 Senior Honors Night!

Senior Honors Night will be May 1st at 6:30pm. Please invite your family and friends to attend. We look forward to having you there to recognize your achievements! Remember to dress up for this event, and make sure your outfit is modest since you will be on the stage during the evening.
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Graduation is 53 days away!

Graduation will be Friday, May 24th at 6pm. You will be receiving more information as we near the end of the semester.

Final Transcripts

Be aware that colleges may ask for final transcripts at the end of this semester! Please let Mrs. Milligan know if a final transcript is requested. Final transcripts will only be sent to the colleges students plan to attend. As you make your final college decision, notify all schools of your intent by May 1. If you’re not sure which offer to accept, make one more campus visit to the schools you’re considering.

Complete enrollment paperwork for the college you will attend. Once you accept an offer, you should receive information from the college about course scheduling, orientation sessions, housing arrangements, and other necessary forms. Be sure to complete all required paperwork by the appropriate deadlines.

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Tips to Prepare for College

College is approaching fast! Here are a few things you may want to work on before you begin in the fall!

Laundry: Start practicing how to do laundry NOW! You don’t want to get to school and turn all your white clothes red or shrink your shirt.

Buy a planner: You will have to remember a lot more important dates of assignments, projects, and meetings one you get to college. Start using a planner now to keep organized!

Take advantage of new opportunities: College is the time where you get to start over! Don’t be afraid to try out a new club or sport you may have never tried before!