government and social networking


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Twitter in Tunisia

Twitter has made a new policy ; the policy is to block some content from other countries. some of the more famous Tunisian bloggers have spoke out and blogged about the situation at hand.
Social media's role in the Tunisian uprising

Getting around the Iran government

problems in Iran arise after elections that were said to be rigged. People brought their ideas and thoughts to twitter where Austin Heap fist sees the problem. After he reads a few of the tweets he begins to try to help b making software to get around the governments blocking
Helping Iran "communicate"

social media and networking in china

what websites do Chinese use?

In China the top there social media networking systems are blocked by the government. The Government says its to stop the showing of uncensored things like pictures and information. Even without those there china has a booming social networking sites

why is it and not okay for the government to restrict social networking system?

People who agree with government being allowed to restrict use and have censorship ability is for the best interest of the country. They only do it to keep information from other countries and to stop people from seeing uncensored things like pictures and words of others.The opposing argument is that its the government should not be allowed to tell us what we can and can not see and say.they also feel like the web is bigger then the country and the government and should not be able to restrict the use of site.
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