Where Am I Going?

Mrs. Breece's Careers Class

Brian Hemispheres

Right Side- People that score higher on the right side of the brain hemisphere are usually more spontanious, show expression, have lots of social interation, are very imaginative and creative, and have lots of abstract and conceptual thinking.

Left Side- People that score higher on the left side of the brian are usually very structured and controlled, are focused, keep organized, have mathematical and analytical skills, listen well, and have rational and logical thinking.

My Brain Hemisphere Scores-

RIght Side- 17

Left Side- 33 (I have a higher left brain score.)


Orange-Fun loving, charming, adventurous, impulsive, competitive, artistic, multi-taskers, adaptable, creative, witty, generous, and spontaneous

Green-Curious, intellectual, visionary, problem solver, asks why, logical, high standards, rational, strategic, futuristic, loves learning, and searches for answers

Blue-Genuine, trustworthy, caretaker, peacemaker, loyal, optimistic, nurturing, emotional, team player, thinks of others, devoted, and friendly

Gold-Traditional, punctual, organized, loyal, realistic, detailed, responsible, prepared, committed, structured, decisive, and dependable

My personality color is gold.

Kuder Evaluation

Confidence Results-

1) Health Informatics

2) Porofessional Support Services

3) Legal Services

4) Family and Community Services

5) Logistics Planning and Management Services

Interests Results-

1) Correction Services

2) Family and Community Services

3) Banking Services

4) Public Management and Administration

5) Administrative Services

Work Values

1) Income

2) Workplace

3) Prestige

4) Accomplishment

5) Innovation

Motivation Score- 47 The lower the motivation score, the less motivation you have.

Stress Score- 69 The higher the stress score, the more stressed you are.

Team Style- Analyzer Analyzers are steady, careful, and factual. They think through problems and situations slowly and carefully.

What Do I Want To Be?

Probation Officers and Correctional Treatment Specialists

Outlook- Increasing


· Provide social services for offenders in custody or on parole

· Help offenders apply for employment

· Meet with offenders on a regular basis to make sure they are complying with court-ordered regulations

Education- Training program sponsored by Arkansas State and Federal Government and computer classes required, a bachelor's degree in Social Work, Criminal Justice, Psychology or a related field is required, a valid driver's license is often required, and prospective probation officers or correctional treatment specialists should be in good physical and emotional condition

Location- Arkansas

Salary- Lowest hourly- $12.74

Highest hourly- $21.22

Lowest yearly- $26,510

Highest yearly- $44,150

Probation Officers Job Description

My High School Graduation

Saturday, May 20th 2017 at 10am

1801 Southeast J Street

Bentonville, AR

How Do I Get There? (Go to college)

University of Arkansas

Location- Fayetteville, AR

Applications and Admissions- Percentage of Students Admitted: 61%

Requirements for Admission- Admission test scores (SAT, ACT, etc..), secondary school GPA, secondary school record, and completion of college-prep program

Major- Social Work

Degree- Bachelor's

Cost- Total Cost Per Year- $21,004

Total Cost Per Year X4- $84,016