Salvador Dali

85 years

Background Information

Dali was born in Figueres, Spain. Salvador also had an older brother named Salvador but nine months before the painter was born his brother died. Salvador's father, also named Salvador, was a lawyer for the middle-class. Salvador's mother later died of breast cancer. Salvador also had a sister named Ana Maria who later published a book about her brother and his life and paintings. Salvador went to school at the Academia de san Fernando,which is a fine arts school. Dali became a great surrealist painter and painted dream like scenes. Some of his works are: The Melting Clock, Woman with a head of roses, and many other works. Dali was know for his mustache and he was also a photographer. He also was very fond of money.
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Woman with a head of roses

This is my favorite piece by Salvador Dali. I love the surrealist nature of the painting. I think that the woman's dresses show great movement and so does the leg of the woman with the head of roses. The textures of the dresses are wonderful especially the robes of the rose woman. Dali shows a lot of emphasis on the woman because they are so tall and skinny that your drawn to them. overall i just really like this painting.

The Temptation of St. Anthony

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The Melting Clock

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