By: Kaylynn Kessler


Bakers mix together ingredients according to recipes to make breads, pastries, and other goods. They have cook the mixes in an oven or on a grill. They also have decorate what they make.
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Education Required

The education required to be baker is less than high school. Culinary school or a school that cover nutrition, food safety, and basic math.


Training is long term. Places in Iowa that you can train are Des Moines Area Community College, Eastern Iowa Community College District, Indian Hills Community College, Iowa Central Community College, Kirkwood Community College.

Years of School Beyond High School

Years of school beyond high school to be a baker are 1 to 2 years.
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The salary per year is $23,140. The salary per hour $11.13.
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Sources of Employment

Some sources of employment for bakers are at grocery stores, bakeries, tortilla manufacturing, restaurants and other eating place, specialty food stores, and traveler accommodation.

Daily Responsibilities

They check the quality of baking ingredients, prepare equipment for baking and they measure and weigh flour and other ingredients. They also combine the measured ingredients in mixers and blenders, they knead, roll, cut, and shape dough. Then they place the dough in a pan or mold or on sheets. after that they cook the mixed ingredients. Then they check to make the food id done, then they decorate the baked goods.

Best Part of this Career

I think the best part of this career would be getting to eat what you make and taste testing some experimental foods.
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Challenges of this Career

I think a challenging part of this job would making sure that the food doesn't burn.
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