Recess !!

By: Kayla Kribs, Hailee Smentkowski, Katie McEvoy

Recess Time !!!!

Should Students At L.P.M.S. Have Recess ?? Our group says yes! Kids should be given some time to relax and enjoy a few minutes away from their school time!! School, as we know it, can be stressful at times, but with recess, students can worry less with their free time off!!

Students Need Recess !!

How Would We Find The Time For Recess ????

Our group is taking the risk to find a way for students at our school to have recess!! We would need to, of course, ask for the teachers' permission. Students need some time to relax after a few hours of working hard. If the students want to keep recess, then they have to be responsible for their behaviors at all costs. My group thinks that if some students do not follow the rules, then recess will have to be cancelled for a period of time.
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