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Week of September 9-13, 2013

Baby Mac!

We are so happy that Baby Mac made his appearance late Tuesday night. Both mom and baby are still doing great. Mrs. Wilson has been sending pictures so we get to 'ooh and ahh' over his cuteness here at school! We also worked on writing Mrs. Wilson letters this week. I mailed them this weekend. I know she will be excited to hear from her favorite first graders! Check out her blog for detailed updates.

Student of the Week!

On Friday, we announced our first Student of the Week - Isaac Wigington! He has worked very hard over the first three weeks of school to prove that he is being a great leader. Isaac is always respectful to his teachers and friends, always following the Wren way, and is an excellent leader in the classroom. He will complete a poster titled "All About Me" to go on display in our hallway. We can't wait to learn more about Isaac this week!

We will be choosing a new student each week to be on spotlight. This has been a hard task because all of the students are doing a wonderful job! Keep up the good work!

Notes From Ms. Goss ...

Wren T-Shirts: On Thursday, we sent home a t-shirt order form from the high school. If you are interested in purchasing these shirts, I must have the order form and money first thing Monday morning. I would love to see our whole class wearing these shirts on Friday to show our school spirit! :)

Activities: We have so many talented students in our class! I have been invited to dance classes, baseball games, and cheerleading practice. With this being said, I would LOVE to support our students in any way I can. If your student has a game or activity that they would want for me to come cheer them on at, feel free to shoot me an email with some dates! I would be honored to be a part of the crowd.

Thank you!: I just want to personally thank each of you for entrusting me with your child while Mrs. Wilson is gone. We are working hard to make her proud. You can ask your student ... we are the BEST first grade class EVER! :) As always, never hesitate to contact me.


Guided Reading: We will be starting a new story for the week - Curious George at School. I know the students will love this story! We will learn about sequence of events and verbs through activities with this story. We will also be learning a new verb cheer! (We learned a noun song last week; see if your student can sing it to you!)

Reader's Workshop: We have spent the first few weeks of school learning how to be good readers. This week, students will have the opportunity to sign a reading contract and put these skills into use! We have done a lot of modeling and practicing in class and I have seen that we have a lot of experts on our hands!

Word Study: Week 2 of spelling words will take place this week. Last week, we learned a few games and activities to help us practice spelling and sorting our words, and we will continue them this week. We will focus on the short o sound this week, as well as reviewing the short a and short i from the previous weeks. Ask your students if they can tell you what these vowel sounds make!

Sight Words: Each week the newsletter will contain a list of sight words for your child to practice. These words will be assessed along with the spelling test on Friday. PLEASE NOTE THAT STUDENTS DO NOT NEED TO BE ABLE TO SPELL SIGHT WORDS. At first students will simply copy the word from the word bank onto the line when the teacher calls it aloud. As we progress students will begin to place the words in appropriate sentences to ensure that they know what the word looks like and how it should be used.


The students worked hard last week on learning the first stage of the writing process - prewriting. We learned that the prewriting stage is where we put our ideas together. This week, we will be moving on to the second stage of the writing process, drafting, by beginning a silly story about a truck that gets stuck! We got wonderful ideas from our read aloud last week and I can't wait to see how these stories develop.


Your students amaze me daily with their math skills! We are going strong with the first chapter in our textbook. We will be using lots of manipulatives and activities to learn this week. Our focus will still be addition. As you saw from the work last week, the students are learning multiple strategies to solve a problem. We will be working very hard to show various ways to reach a sum of an addition problem. Last week we only went up to 5; this week we will go up to 10! I have confidence your students will continue to do wonderful!

Social Studies

We will be continuing our unit on community this week. This has been a fun unit! The students have had wonderful ideas and are really grasping the idea that a community is a place where people in the same area help each other. We will discuss more about our school community, as well as the community outside our school. Ask your student to tell you about the pledge they signed last week! We are all community helpers here to do our job!



Please remember that your child will have homework to complete and return to school on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday nights. I check homework in the mornings for completion. I have been lenient thus far, but students will be penalized for not completing homework starting this week.

Math: This will always be a worksheet from their textbook, unless I tell you differently. The students are instructed to place these sheets in the homework section of their Star Notebook.

Spelling: In the Star Notebook, students have a blue Word Study Homework spiral notebook. In the front cover of this, you will find the Speller's Choice Menu. These are the options for spelling homework, along with instructions. If your student does an activity that does not require paper in the notebook, make sure you sign and date the activity they did on a page in the notebook. As always, it is great to make sure you practice, practice, practice those spelling and sight words!

Reading Folder: Reading Folders will officially go home today. These are blue and have your child's books from the book room. This is where you will find the reading log, strategies to use when reading, and the Weekly Reader. Part of the weekly homework will be a graphic organizer. I will send this home on Monday. You have until Friday to complete it and turn it back into school. I will explain in detail to the students. It is also important that the students bring the bag of books back to school, as we will be going on a weekly rotation to check out new books. :)


Math Practice Page

Speller's Choice Homework

Reading Folder Assignments


Math Practice Page

Speller's Choice Homework

Study Spelling and Sight Words

Reading Folder Assignments


No Written Homework

Study Spelling and Sight Words


Math Practice Page

Speller's Choice Homework

Study Spelling and Sight Words

** Graphic Organizer is Due Tomorrow :) **


Rest up over the weekend!

This Week's Sight Words










This Week's Spelling Words

Short o words







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Reading Folder Homework Begins!

Monday, Sep. 9th, 3:30pm

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Reading Folders with Book Bags & Graphic Organizer Due

Friday, Sep. 13th, 8am

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