September 22 Hobbit Day

Hobbit Day Fun

Frodo and Bilbo

How it began!

Hobbit Day was born from the book .The whole reason we celebrate Hobbit Day is because that's when The Hobbit was released,and September 22 is accutually when the fictional characters,Frodo and Bilbo came to life

Some of the characters in hobbit are ...

Fun stuff

Some ways to celebrate Hobbit Day as a school

1. Dress up as a hobbit (a hobbit wears,a leather cape,a vest,no shoes,and wears a button up shirt.)

2. Have a hobbit play (thearte arts)

3. Watch all three hobbit movies

4.Do fun projects including hobbits

5. Hobbit donation day ! Hobbits are known for giving on there birthday rather than receiving gifts.We could have a school wide donation day where we donate school supplies to students in need.

The Lord of the Rings - You Shall Not Pass - (HD)