The hero you only want half the time.

What is an Anti-Hero?

An anti-hero is someone who were being forced to conform but, they break free and goes against the corrupted government. When it comes to saving the day, if they defeat the government and survive, they are really lucky. Usually, the anti-hero would either run away so they can fight for another day or, they defeat the government but die doing it.
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Macbeth, one of the many anti-heroes.

As I said in the title, Macbeth is an anti-hero. He had personally ruined the great life he could've had by rushing events that would've happened with time. His great downfall began when he began to lose himself, he tortured and/or killed anyone who he felt would or did turn against him. He allowed the 3 witches to cloud his better judgement, things could've been different if he wasn't paranoid about everyone.
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The Anti-Hero of my choice.

The Punisher is an anti-hero, he lives in a dystopian where the rich and the strong are above everyone else. The people or "monsters" he fought were heroes and villains, he also fought rich people who used their money for evil. For example, a drug lord is someone who's rich that uses their money for evil. He did successfully defeat all of his enemies, he killed the evil rich, super powered heroes and villains. He felt that as long as they were all alive, people would never know true freedom. He also felt that he had too much power as well so, he kills himself after his job is done so, he doesn't get to see how all his hard work had changed the world.