Vote For The Columbian Exchange !!

By Randi Dietrich

What is the Columbian Exchange?

Columbus and his men brought a lot of food 500 years ago. They brought horse and

Chicken with some wheat bread from Europe. The Naive Americans never seen the food that they brought! So its new food that they know of now.

Why should You Vote!!(:

  1. You should vote because people over 500 years ago they brought Corn, Wheat bread and horse and if they did not bring those things we would not know about that stuff.
  2. We would never now about the food him and his men the and the native Americans would have now about all that stuff.
  3. They also brought Tomatos corn and horse. SO PLEASE VOTE !!!
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Why you should not VOTE ):

  • They had diseases and a lot of people die but not all of them.
  • Some of the food had malled in them and disease in the corn.
  • Some people died because they were trying to get to the exchange. BUT VOTE FOR THE EXCHANGE.
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