Independent Living to gain

Self Confidence

Elder people feel like hell when they not able to do his everyday tasks also and they get into depression as everybody want to live independently with dignity, not with sympathy. Assisted living, a place where care or resources provided to aid disable or elder people where they serve better to well-groomed them as it would not be safe to leave elder’s at home alone. Like, a paralyzed person on wheel chair not able to have meal also, in this case assisted living would be better option for them.

Services provided there must empower one’s confidence as people will live there independently and comfortably like happy friend club of elders because nobody would be perfect there physically. Make sure staffs should behave respectfully with them like family member, at this stage your senior want love, attention and care not sympathy because at this age they feel so helpless.

Do u know that, today most of people dying before their age because of depression. Loneliness kills a person when he started to feel that there is no use of him on earth. Prefer this independent living if you want them to live quality life which gives peace of mind to stay happy, though it may difficult decision to leave your lovable person there. A healthy environment gives quality sleep which helps them to handle stress that cures physical health and balanced them emotionally.

It’s your responsibility to assess the needs and lifestyle of person for whom you thinking about providing assisted living facilities because only children can feel that special feeling when parents stay happy while living there for the rest of their life. Services would be offered according to your assessment that may vary according to different levels of facilities. Some Questions should get answered when you ask yourself like, He need medical attention? Is assisted living would be right choice? An extra care I want? Staffs have license? Quality meal or pleasing environment would be there? One will enjoy new place? He would be comfortable there? What about safety or security? Is there any risk about health?

At this age, love, care, security, nutrition and comfort are the basic content that must fulfilled. Though it is a long distance care but not alike old age home, where people get neglected once they admitted there by their family. Your support can increase their lives; don’t make them feel that they get retired. Make sure friends, relatives or office members should always be in touch and keep visiting at assisted living to spend quality time so that one can adopt that strange residence happily with peace of mind. If you can’t visit then take help of advanced technologies like mail or call them on phone so that they may feel that you still love them while frequent meetings and contacts with supervisors, doctors and staffs are required at regular intervals.

In this way you can help yourself and get relaxed that your elders being cared properly at satisfactory level. When one get older day by day, he started to behave like a kid and sometimes you may fail to understand that sudden emotional changes like anger, anxiety, sadness, monotonous behavior or switching of mood. For a change let them make friends alike them where they can share our experiences!