Kelcie May & Dawson Haire

Fire Ants

Type of Organism & Country Fire Ants Came From

Insect that came South America accidentall came into Alabama in 1930s.

How does Fire Ants Spread & How far did it Spread

  • If they are transfered in Cargo Ships
  • Fire Ants spread 300 Million acres of Southern United States Including 57 Counties in Southern NC

Damage Fire Ants Are Doing to North Carolina

Aggresive, multipe biter with painful venom and chance of allergy; may also damage fruits berries and young crops.

How Can We Control Fire Ants

First Step is to broadcast a baitformulated insecticide over the entire yard. Second Step happens 7 to 10 days later with the individual treatment mounds with the approved insecticidial dusts, liquid drenches baits, and granules.