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May 9, 2022

Notes from the office

Happy Mother's Day to all of our Young Yellowjacket Moms! Thank you for another great week! Please click the link above and complete the form. We need all students returning to Young in the fall of 2022 to have a form completed.


The BYE Read-A-Thon was a hit! Students enjoyed reading at school in the campfire area as well as the "cafe". It is the responsibility of each student to honestly record their reading minutes and bring the reading log back with parent/guardian signatures along with a sponsor sheet and money by May 13th.


Talent Show

Don't forget! Friday is the last day to turn in your talent show entries! Several lucky students will be chosen to perform live! ENTER BY EMAILING YOUR VIDEO TRYOUT TO MRS. LOW (or share it with her through Google Drive). Students who are not chosen to perform live will have all or part of their videos shared during the talent show. EVEN THOSE WHO WANT TO PERFORM LIVE STILL NEED TO TURN IN A VIDEO.
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Family Music Page- Talent Show

Check out the Talent Show information below!

PTA Update

The last PTA Meeting will be on May 10th at 8:00am at Young Elementary. We hope to see you there. We are finalizing plans for our Pippin Apple Field Day.

Tips from the Counselor- Teaching Children about Diversity

Our world is becoming increasingly more diverse. However, even though the world is more diverse, racism and intolerance still exist. Here are some tips for teaching your child about diversity.

  1. Practice what you Preach

Children are more likely to treat others with respect when they see you practicing tolerance and accepting others for who they are.

  1. Discuss Tolerance and Diversity Honestly

Everyone is different! It is important that children accept others for who they are instead of pretending differences don’t exist.

  1. Expose Kids to Diversity-

Have your child participate in activities or playdates with children from diverse backgrounds.

  1. Correct Racial and Cultural Insensitivity

When your child says something that is offensive it is important to correct them and explain why it’s unacceptable to speak negatively about people because they are different.

  1. Help Kids Embrace their Own Culture

When a child accepts who they are and has a positive self esteem, they are less likely to see people who are different as threats.

  1. Read Books & Watch Movies about Diversity and Tolerance

Book List & Movie List

  1. Complete Diversity and Tolerance Activities

For example eating diverse foods, attending events/festivals that celebrate different ethnic groups, and visiting history museums

Check out the Counselor Page by clicking the image. If you want your child to visit with the counselor or need to talk to Mrs. Nelson fill out the form on the Counselor Page by clicking the image.

Upcoming Events

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Who Are You Buzzing About?

Starting this week, we will be giving out Buzz Awards to our Young teachers and staff. We need YOU to help us recognize those who go above and beyond for our school. As you go through the week, feel free to nominate staff who do extraordinary things! If you see or hear something that is worthy of a Buzz Award, simply fill out this quick form to nominate someone. Awards will be given out each Friday.

22-23 School Year

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Upcoming Events

May 9- May 13- MAP 3-5 and Aspire makeups

May 11- 3rd grade to Hellstern Play (School House Rock)

May 12- 1st grade Stick Horse Rodeo

May 12- Garden Club last day

May 13- Wear Gray Day/Hat Day

May 19- Kindergarten Celebration

May 19- 5th-grade tour of Hellstern

May 20- 5th Grade Celebration

May 25- Pippin Apple Field Day

May 31- Last student day of school

About our School

  • Bernice Young Elementary was established in August 2000.
  • School mascot is the Yellowjacket
  • School colors are Red, Yellow, and Black
  • National Blue Ribbon School 2020
  • Principal- Christy Norwood
  • Assistant Principal- Sara Kennedy
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