The Basics About Water

All About Water and the water cycle


This flyer talks about the water cycle and why its important and what forms it can take. It also includes an intresting power point giving more deatails beyound the water cycle.

Water Cycle

There are a few steps to the water cycle but wihout as little as one of theese steps the cycle wouldnt be complete. 1. The water gets evaporated from oceans,ponds.rivers,lakes,ect. 2. it forms a cloud called condensation. The water vapor from the evaporation stage turns into liquid like water droplets in clouds. 3.hail,snow,rain,sleet,or freezing rain fall from the clouds as percipataion. 4. Then the water will run off in tell it becomes a part of a puddle,stream,river,soaks into the ground,or goes into a lake,ocean,or pond.(posible part)Sublimation. This part is a possible part of the water cycle.This stage is where ice turns into water vapor without melting first.This happens more slowly then melting first.


Evaporation is caused when the sun heats up a body of water. When the water is heated up it turns into water apor the rises up to form a cloud.


Clouds form whe the water vapor changes into ice crystal or small water droplets. The temeture is the reason for the clouds being maade of ice crytals or small rain drops. Even if tis on a hot summer day a cloud can be made out of ice crystals becuase the weather is diffrent where the clouds are campared to the air near the ground. The clouds get there shape becuase of air preasure. For instance the picture of the saucer clod is formed when the wind is blown over a mountin. When the air blows up the air preasure is less and with less air presure the clouds expand and cool.


Did you know that most precipitation starts out as snow in the U.S.A? Well the air up where the clouds are its really cold but by the time the percipataion gets to the ground it could be rain,sleet,snow,freezing rain,or hail depending on the temature.


The hydrosphere is all the water on the earth. 3/100 (3%) is in other places then the ocean. A little less then 3/4 of earth is covered by the hydrosphere. Out of all the oceans the Atlantic Ocean is the biggest but all the oceans are connected.

Water cycle song

Having a hard time memorizing the steps of the water cycle? Well heres a song.

(to the beat of ,"She's coming around the mountin")

Water travels in a cycle yes it dose x2

it goes up as Evaporation

forms a cloud of condensation

then comes down as percipation

the runs off

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