Gonzalo Higuain Biography

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Gonzalo Higuain was born on December 10 1987. He was born in Brest,France. His nationality is Argentine/French. For living he is a soccer player and he plays for Napoli. In the world cup he plays for Argentina. The position that he plays is striker. Gonzalo Higuain is so good that he can kick with both feet. Higuain has two older brothers that also played soccer. A challenge that he face was to start in the MLS and then play for Napoli. Napoli is a really good team. They are in first place right now. His coach gave him another challenge to keep getting better and better and he did that. His first ever goal was against Atletico Madrid in 2006 in Vicente Calderon Stadium. He did compete in the 2014 world cup in Brazil. Argentina went to the finals but lost to Germany 1-0. That game did need extra time. The day he signed with Napoli was on July 2013. He makes 4.2 million a year. His contract ends in 2018 and he might resign. People say that he has improved alot.