What exactly is netiquette?

The correct or acceptable way to communicate on the internet.
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Follow the good advice!!

* Only share information that you wouldn’t mind if everyone knows.

* Only share information you know is true. Avoid gossip and rumors.

* Only make comments you would say to someone face-to-face. Be kind.

* Ask yourself: “Will there be any negative consequences to what I’m sharing?”

* Ask yourself: “Would I want anyone to say this to or about me?”

* Ask yourself: “Is this bullying?”

Safety First!

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How to stay safe in the internet.

* Know who you are communicating with.

* Never post your full name, age, address, email address, phone number, picture, or school name anywhere online without checking with adult.

* Do not share personal information or photos that would allow a stranger (including “online friends”) to locate you or pretend to know you. They may not be who they say they are.

* Remember anything (text or photos) you share can be forwarded and altered.

* Report any uncomfortable situation to an adult.

* Share passwords, screen names, and email addresses with an adult or guardian.

* Be careful of messages from unfamiliar people and be cautious in opening or responding to them.

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