A Compound Law

The Ideal Gas Law

Usings of the Ideal Gas Law

You can reuse this law so that you can make it be the only law you have to know and memorize. From this formula, the law, if you read a problem carefully, create any other law formula you wish.

Formula for the Ideal Gas Law

PV=nRT is the equation where P= pressure in 1 atmosphere (atm), 760 torr, 760 millometers of Mercury (mmHg), or 101.3 Kilopascals (Kpa), V= Volume in Liters, n= number of moles, R= Ideal gas Constant (.0821atm*L/K*mol OR 8.314 Kpa*L/K*mol OR 62.4 L*mmHg/mol*K, and T= Temperature in Kelvins. (K) Just add +273.



I understood the guy and liked his idea and method. I understood some of the lady’s stuff. I saw and liked her formulas that we know. She does speak very fast, but it is all reasonable stuff.

It has a look to it

It has a nice ring to it so it sticks in your mind. The Ideal gas law is easily visible when you see moles or grams in a problem you know it is an ideal gas and law problem using PV=nRT (pvnrt)