Obese people paying for 2 seats

Should obese people have to pay for two seats? Yes.

Obese people take up two seats, so they should pay for two seats.

  • Your seat space could get taken by an obese person near you.
  • Also you could get bumped into the aisle and then they could get run over by a drink cart.

People could have to stand.

  • On one flight someone had to stand for 7 hours because of the 400lb man sitting next to him pushed him out of his seat.
  • People who are obese might cause another person flying to have to stand which is very dangerous.

Some people might have to wait for another flight to their destination.

  • Families can have to separate and have some wait because of an obese passenger.
  • Also some people might have to stay at the airport the whole time their family is on vacation.
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