North Elementary

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Rita Pierson: Every kid needs a champion

Next Week

Monday- September 28th, Visitors are allowed to start eating lunch with students. Please make sure that you are monitoring visitors for badges. All visitors must go through the office first.

Tuesday- September 29th, Staff Birthday Luncheon, Mentor Teacher Meeting During Conference time with Kim Chatman

Wednesday- September 30th, Wacky Wednesday Planning, 3:15 New Employee's to North meeting

Thursday- October 1st, Parker at Cabinet Meeting

Friday- Western Days

Upcoming Dates

October 5th and 6th CBA testing

October 6th Lead Meeting 3:00, New Employee District Meeting 3-4:45.

October 7th Tiffany Caldemeyer Baby Shower

October 8th- VERTICAL MEETINGS CANCELLED!!! Brooke Turner's Bridal Shower 4:00

October 9th- Vision/Hearing Rescreening in Healthy Bodies classroom

October 12th- Fall Pictures, 4:00 Faculty Learning in Cafeteria All Certified Staff

October 13- WW schedule for CBA Data Review

October 14th- Fine Arts/Support Staff meeting, Brandi Linville Sprinkle

October 16th- End of 9 Weeks, RTI Meetings

Thank you for Everything EACH of you do!!!!