The Apo Volcano!

The Apo Volcano is the highest mountain the in Philippians!

I'm the BIGGEST mountain in the COUNTRY!

Important Things About Me(:

I live on an island in the Philippians. The Philippians belong to Asia. I'm live about 20 miles west of Davao City. My exact location at 6.99 degrees North and 125.27 degrees East. At the top of my volcano I have a 500 meter wide crater with a small lake. My names means Master or Grandfather. Sadly, my Volcano History is not really known. I'm a geothermal energy source. I am know known as Mount Apo National Park. I am also one of the most popular climbing destinations in the Philippines.

I AM MOunt Apo!

InTerEStiNg FActS aBouT ME(:

Guess what?! I'm about 3,000 meters above sea level! Did you know that I am the HIGHEST mountain in our COUNTRY!

Also did you know that most mountains are covered in forests? One more thing! Many minerals deposits are found in mountains!

Volcano History

...I don't have any volcano history! No one can remember when I made my eruptions!

Mount Apo