Mountain Shout-Outs

Volume 2 Issue 17

17 December 2015

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Julie, Brandon, Bob, Tiffany, Jen C. and all others

Belated thank you to Julie, Brandon, Bob, Tiffany, Jen C. and all others that did nice things for the SSN Paras for "Classified Week". It was such a nice, pleasant surprise! A special shout out to my "Adopting Teacher" :) . That was such a wonderfully, unexpected treat!

-Belinda Jacobsen, SSN ParaEducator

Berthalina Kinsel and Mary Maydew

Thank you to Berthalina Kinsel and Mary Maydew for reading aloud final exams to a few of my students. I am so grateful to you both for taking time out of your off-hours to help these students be successful.

-Nicole Boehm

Pam Sagel, Honor Society, etc.

Pam Sagel, Honor Society and everyone else involved in the fabulous breakfast last Wednesday! Thank you for the wide variety of delicious food and beverages and decorating the Lounge with the winter theme and colors looked so pretty. Your time and thoughtfulness is appreciated!

-Belinda Jacobsen, SSN ParaEducator

Brandi Potestio and Sammi Sutphin

Thank you to Brandi Potestio and Sammi Sutphin for your willingness to help me input final exam grades in my absence. I so appreciate your support.

-Nicole Boehm

MRHS Staff

I am overwhelmed with pride to be a part of a group of people who care so much for each other and their school. As a new counselor to MRHS with previous high school experience I wasn't sure what I would find when I got here, but it has been awesome. I appreciate the consideration you all have shown for the school from giving gifts to students in need to allowing students to throw pies in your faces, we got a great group of teachers and staff here. Thanks for making my transition a welcoming one, and I hope you all have a happy holiday break!

-Jason Matthies

Send a shout-out to everyone for everything. Plus, a Shout-Out goes to everyone who brought everything for the Fun Food Fridays. Made the quarter go by so smoothly.

-Mary Murray

A BIG thanks to all the teachers who have made the extra effort to provide excellent accommodations and modifications to our ELLs to make sure they are successful on their finals. From modifying the language on the exams, reading the tests aloud, allowing them to take the test with me so I can explain difficult vocabulary and/or concepts, and many more. It truly makes a difference. THANK YOU!

-Berthalina Kinsel

Kim Colegrove, Dean Rowsam, Kyle Wimmer

Thank you for another great art show this semester.

-Colleen Dowling

Ian Simpson and StuGo

Ian Simpson and StuGo for your participation in the Gratefulness Tree. Your thank you notes for all of the staff was very much appreciated, and looked so festive!

-Belinda Jacobsen, SSN ParaEducator

Berthalina Kinsel and Kerri Hinkle

Berthalina Kinsel and Kerri Hinckle for being my Gratefulness Tree partners in crime! Berthalina, the idea and work sharing was super! Kerri, thank you for lending your artistic talents to our tree! I am grateful for you both!

-Belinda Jacobsen, SSN ParaEducator

Jared Martinez and the Custodial Crew

Thank you for all the work you did to get the school dug out after the storm. I can't imagine the amount of time and work you spent doing that! I appreciate you so much!

-Heather Schenck

Thanks for helping get our mouse problem figured out. Ewww.

-Tricia and Tracy

Mustang Sallys-

Thank you all for the yummy cookies!

-Jen Cooper

Everyone that contributed to the Mustang Giving Tree-

You all have such big hearts! Thank you for spoiling our most needy students!

-Jen Cooper

Sara Williams, Mary Murray, Bruce Randall, Lindsay Kipp, Jill Wyatt, Jennifer Reed, Nicole Boehm

Thanks for letting the yearbook staff invade your classrooms the week before finals!

-Sage Rebuehr

Julie, Bob, Tiffany, Brandon, Lance and Kim

For all of their support, sharing their family photos and keeping the parking lot safe ;)

-Amy Smith

Karl Buck

...for the best 5:30 a.m. phone call in the history of the world! SNOW DAY!

-Tay Fulcher

Barb Butler

Shout out to Barb Butler for taking her own personal time to set up a school ID for a student transitioning from Independence Academy. I appreciate your never-ending flexibility!

-Jo Acker

Jen Cooper

Jen Cooper for all you are doing constantly to support the staff, reinforce the sense of staff community and making the Mountain an even better place to work!

-Belinda Jacobsen, SSN ParaEducator

Thank you Jen, for all of the holiday cheer. You are an inspiration.

-Colleen Dowling

For fostering a spirit of giving and selflessness at the Mountain, it's the good kind of contagion!

-Jen Bloom

You're awesome Jen for taking on all you do and spreading kindness and generosity to all. Thanks for heading so much up and inspiring us to do the same!

-Tricia LaRue

You are the Mustang Humanitarian of the Year! Thank you for ensuring our students and families are taken care of.


Always organizing and making sure that everyone on The Mountain is taken care of in their time of need. Thanks for having such a big heart.

-Amy Smith

Festive FA LA LA to Jen Cooper for celebrating the spirit of the season and organizing the giving tree! And thank you for the contributions from staff. It was truly awe inspiring watching students receive their gifts. In many cases, they are the only gifts they will receive this Christmas. They were grateful for the gifts and touched by the compassion and consideration of MRHS staff. Thank you for making the season brighter and for all that you do every day for students and each other. Happy, Happy, Holidays!!

-Cyndi Kelly

Shout out to Cooper for organizing the MRHS Giving Tree!

The Admin Team

Tay Fulcher

Thank you for organizing Mountain Range's Ugly Sweater Day!

-Jen Cooper

Belinda Jacobsen

I'd like to give a shout out to Belinda Jacobsen for her continued help with some pretty challenging kids in my Physical Science class.Thanks!

-David Britt

Cyndi Kelly

Thank you for getting the dates for 8th grade Registration for the Performing Arts People! You made our lives a little easier to plan!

-Heather Schenck

Sarah Kuhnlein

Thank you Sarah K. for always being on top of things with registration of new students and always making sure they get tested and placed in the right ESL level and classes. You are a tremendous asset to MRHS !

-Berthalina Kinsel

Jason Matthies

Thank you for driving me in the scary snow to get supplies for school!

-Heather Schenck

Karen Polson

Thank you for all your help with coverage and buses and EVERYTHING - you're the best!!!!

-Heather Schenck

Krista Ring


For working your tail off these past few weeks by getting finals and final reviews copied for everyone! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Taylor Rahmann

Pam Sagel

Thank you to Pam Sagel for being a cheerleader and tremendous encourager. Your good-luck hug meant the world to me.

-Nicole Boehm

Brandon Salling

Thank you for checking in to see how things are going and always wearing a smile.

-Colleen Dowling

Thank you to Brandon Salling for helping me find teachers to read aloud exams to my students who need that extra support.

-Nicole Boehm

Heather Schenck

Thank you for cheering us up with morning announcements every day!

-Jen Cooper

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