Mindful Journeys through Prayer

CSK Scholar In Residence - Rabbi Danielle Upbin from JTS

Jewish Theological Seminary Scholar In Residence Weekend at Shaarei Kodesh

Join us for a special weekend at Shaarei Kodesh as we welcome, Rabbi Danielle Upbin, JTS's Florida Rabbinic Fellow to our congregation. Rabbi Upbin has served as a prayer leader and teacher of liturgy for fifteen years. She will share with us her passion for leading tefillot as she explores with us mindful and mystical nuances of the liturgy.

Rabbi Upbin will co-lead our Kabbalat Shabbat/Maariv service with Rabbi David Baum.
Friday night text study (after special pot luck dinner): "Mindful in All Moments": Hassidic teachings and stories on the value of being present.

Cost $7 per person (CLICK HERE TO RSVP)

Saturday Lunch and Learn: "Come My Beloved: The Layers and Complexity of Poetry and Meaning in Lecha Dodi" - In this interactive study session, we will explore the literary, historical, and spiritual elements of this popular Friday night song.

Cost $12 per adult, $7 per child (babysitting provided)


Sunday morning: Rabbi Upbin will co-lead the Women's Rosh Hodesh Group with Sue Gurland (from Moving Through The Tree of Life: Contemplative Jewish Movement):

"Harmonizing the Double Edge of Adar" - In this session we will examine texts from the Megillah that resonate with our call to responsibility. Then through movement and meditation we will bring the energy of the hidden joy of Adar into the light.

Location - Congregation Shaarei Kodesh; there is no cost associated with this event

Mindful Journeys through Prayer - Scholar/Rabbi In Residence - Rabbi Upbin, JTS Florida Rabbinic Fellow

Friday, Feb. 28th, 6pm to Sunday, March 2nd, 10am

19785 Hampton Drive

Boca Raton

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