My Learning Styles Project

My Learning Style Is...

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My Learning Style is Visual (45%). This means that I highly prefer to read things and/or see pictures to get my information and learning. I picture multiple things in my head and can learn best if I use methods that are primarily visual! I deem myself to be neat and orderly, as well as clean, although others may eventually begin to disagree with such a notion. I close my eyes to remember and visualize/create an aray of things practically every day, in fact/actuality! I will try and find something that I deem to be quite interesting, or just something that I really need to do, when I get bored! I'm also quite easily distracted by sounds, may have difficulty with spoken directions, and I'm highly attracted to clolor and spoken language that is rich in imagery!

Some (of the eight/8) things that I can do to help improve my Learning Style are:

  • Sit near the front of the classroom.
  • Have my eyesight checked on a regular basis!
  • Use flashcards to learn new words.
  • Try to visualize things that I hear or things that are read to me/myself.
  • Write down key words, ideas, or instructions!
  • Draw pictures to help explain new concepts and then explain the pictures!
  • Color code things!
  • Avoid distractions during study times!

My Learning Preference Is... Musical!

The Different Abilities Of This Intelligence...

There is a good amount of different abilities that go along with the intelligence of music! Some of these include the intelligence of learning how to read music notes, transpose other instrument notes, interpret and critique the music you hear, respond emotionally to music, use music to meet the needs of others, play music scales, play sheet music, use the correct ligature and/or embouchure for a certain instrument, move your fingers to play the right notes, teach others how to care for their instrument, and compose your own music your own way, using all of your preferred symbols, scales, time-signatures, fingerings, notes, expressions, individuality, imagination, etc.

(Some/Many) Potential Career Choices...

Within the knowledge of music, there are a vast amount of potential career choices that are out there for the taking! Here are just a few/some of the (12/twelve) choices out there:

  • A Choral Performer
  • A Band Performer
  • An Orchestral Performer
  • A Choral Conductor
  • A Band Conductor
  • An Orchestral Conductor
  • A Public Relations Director In Music
  • A Music Critic
  • A Music Afficianado
  • A Music Collector
  • A Composer
  • A(n) Individual/Small Group Performer

The Relation Of These To Myself...

The different abilities of musical intelligence and the immense amount of potential career choices relates to myself in a very postive way! I simply adore music, especially if I ever get to writing my own someday, which I actually have previously done on the internet thanks to a website that allows you to create your own sheet music, and everything! It's extremely satisfying to see my own inspiration turn into something really great and fantastic, better than anything that I could've ever imagined! I also love to play my Piano and my Bb Clarinet when I can!

The Relation Of These To My Current Career Goals...

In relation to my current carrer goal(s), the different abilities of musical intelligence and the large amount of potential career choices are kinda strange and probably uncommon and usually unthought of, but quite necessary in some cases, I guess. My current career goal-other than to become President Of The United States-is to become a Cardiovascular Pediatric Surgeon. As a side job, I think fondly of being a musician; but I don't think that, other than being in the I.C.U. or the rocovery room, that having music on in a hospital setting is the best idea, especially when absolute concentration is necessary!