using credit wisely

triston rhoades

credit and debit cards

the difference between a credit card and debit card is that a credit is the money that you have it comes straightfrom your bank and a debit card is money that you dont have to spend and pay back

three ways to develop positive credit history

you can get good credit buy like taking out a loan and paying it on time, another way is having a long credit history and the last would be only apply for credit you need

five finical apps that help manage your money, goodbudget, mvelopes, billguard, pocket exopense

three advantages and disadvantages of using credit

advantages. builds good credit, you get cc benefits, you get purchase protection

disadvantages. interest charges, credit card charges, easy to get large debits

what is APR and why its important when applying for credit

APR is your annual percentage rate it is important when applying for a credit card because because it determines your intrest rate

When and where can you order a free credit report and why is it important.

you can get your credit report for free from this is important because someone could steal your identity and mess up your credit and you would really never know unless you check.