More than just Weight-Loss....

What can YOUR Isagenix system build for You....?

Join us for a Saturday session of Learning and Sampling

What are your fitness goals ? Build more muscle? Reach a new PR? More rounds in your AMRAP ? Or maybe just lose some weight , to feel better in your shorts this summer...?!

Whatever you're striving for, Isagenix has a system to help you get where you're going.

Learn how to boost your body's production of Growth Hormone and build more lean, beautiful muscle.

Isagenix Fitness Protocol

Saturday, June 6th, 11am

CrossFit Connection, 845 Harrington Crt, Burlington, ON

Please help me welcome Dr.Rick Lee Chiropractor, Athlete, and Clinical Nutritionist.

Dr.Rick has been in healthcare for over 20 years and has coached athletes of all levels to perform optimally and achieve their goals, using the Isagenix Nutritional Systems. He will explain the various options available and how to customize your nutrition to become your Personal Best !
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Please RSVP to Lori Kendall---Call or text to (905) 220-0240 or email to

Let's work together to create the Best Version of Yourself !