Will unicorns always be a mystery?

Does this creature really exist?

A little history about the creature...

In 398 B.C.E the first unicorn was sighted ( Lindemans, 2001). There started to be even more sightings of unicorns. Ctesias( a greek physicion) reported a unicorn in persepolis ( Giblin, 1991). Then there was a sighting of a unicorn in 100-44 B.C by julius caesar (Giblin, 1991). There were sightings of a skelaton found in monoclonius (Giblin, 1991). These were the first sightings of a unicorns. Since then there has been alot of diffrent sightings of unicorns. To this day people still question the unicorns existance.


A.D. 23-79 The roman naturalist pliny the elder rote about seing a unicorn with a stag like head. (Giblin, 1991)

398 B.C.
Ctesias(a greek physition) saw a unicorn in persepolis. (Giblin, 1991)

100-44B.C. Julias caesar told of a unicorn that lived in Hercynion far east of germaney. (Giblin, 1991)

1530 Ludovicca de Bartema, a roman patrition traveled to Egypt, Arabia, and India and saw unicorns. (Kettler, 2015)

What are the theories?

Theory 1 The creature is just an indian rhinoceros.

Theory 2 The creature is just an ox.

What I beleave...

After much consideration and research, Ive decided that unicorns are real. There is alot of real evadence that the unicorn exists and all the sources were credable. There were sightings of unicorns that were not scams and that proofs that the unicorn is real. I think that unicorns are real.

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