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You may feel that workshops and seminars are only meant for adults dealing with major challenges but even as youngsters we deal with the basic issue of not having enough time. We have academics, extra-curriculars, sports, friends, family chores, pets and our social lives to manage. Not to forget the 8 hours of sleep we need. It is no wonder then that we never seem to be able to get it all done.

Managing the time we have, efficiently and productively is a habit that must be developed. That is the difference between the girl who finds time for violin class, art class and manages to score well and the guy who spends 3 hours listening to music and pretending to study for his mom's benefit. It is not necessary to either be a nerd or be a jock. It is possible to have success in both areas.

At Mission Control we will assist you in developing those habits that you require to lead the life you want. We will help you find more time in your day. Time for things you had to shun before. Now attend parties, learn how to bellydance and yet manage to ace your math test.

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I have had the privilege of Training, Managing, Consulting or Coaching people over 25+ years. With a wide variety of experience in supervising and managing business and training over 25000 people in various ways - Our Purpose is to empower and enable people and organizations to dramatically increase their productivity and to be effective, work successfully together and have less Stress and more Peace of Mind.