The Winner's Guide to Finding a Job

Easy Steps to Ensure a Job!

The Resume

A resume is a short list of important facts about you. These facts help an employer know that you are right for the job. A resume will consist some information about yourself, your education, work record, working skills, awards, honors, and activities. Also it will need some references to see what they think about you.

Job Application

What a Job Application Tells the Employer:

1. How well you follow directions.

2. What you are like. What are your skills, interests, etc.

3. What type of work and experiences you've had.

4. How long you've stayed at your jobs.

5. How well you do your job and what kind of employee you are.

* Hint: If you hand in you application neat and complete it helps show what kind of worker you are.

When Doing a Job Application Some Tips to Help:

1. Either type or use black ink pens.

2. ALWAYS print the information.

3. Identify the position you are applying for.

4. Follow the directions carefully.


6. Draw a line or write " NA " for questions you cannot answer.

7. Make sure your reasons for leaving a job seem good.

8. When signing your name use full name.

9. Have your resume to help you it will make things easier.


Interview Information

  • An interview is a meeting between the employer and the person seeking the job. During an interview the employer will ask questions like: will this person be able reliable?, is this person able to be trained?, is this person a team player?, and so forth. Before the interview you should always be at least 15 minutes early. Make sure you're dressed appropriately and neatly groomed. And do some research on the company you are applying for.
  • While the interview is going on make sure you introduce yourself with a handshake and do not sit until the employer says so. Be calm and relaxed make sure you're being yourself. Smile and show enthusiasm that helps. Ask questions too to show you're very interested.
  • When the interview is over say thank you and then write a letter immediately after thanking them again and how your are interested .