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December Parent Newsletter

December Greetings!

As we move towards the winter season, we are excited to share with you the December Special Education with Care newsletter. This issue contains an abundance of great information to help you wrap-up 2019! Topics include:

  • IEP Progress Reports
  • Using Graphic Organizers
  • Supporting Your Child With Digital Learning Games
  • Successfully Using Token Reward Systems
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IEP Progress Reports

This coming January, you will receive Progress Reports on each of your child's IEP goals. The Progress Report will provide information on how your child is progressing toward their IEP goals. They will be sent via email on the last day of the fall semester by your child's Case Manager/Special Education Teacher. You should receive one Progress Report for each of your child's current IEP goals. If you have any questions on the information you receive, please don't hesitate to contact your child's Case Manager and they can help answer any questions you may have.

How to Use Graphic Organizers

The following video provides a great summary of how to use graphic organizers when teaching a child. Specifically, it also explains why graphic organizers are beneficial in helping students with Autism learn the material. Graphic organizers can be used for any subject area and are not limited to just writing.

There are unlimited free graphic organizer resources on the internet. After watching this video you may want to check out this website of free graphic organizer downloads you can use to teach your child at home. https://www.edrawsoft.com/share-graphic-organizer.php

How To: Graphic Organizer

Supporting Your Child With Digital Learning Games

Does your child love to play video games? is their imagination captivated with technological applications, software, etc.? Well, the following article explains how you can use digital learning games to teach your child with disabilities. The authors provide some great recommendations on certain applications that can help your child learn. Click on the box below to check out the article.

How To Create a Token Economy

Sometimes children need extra support with staying motivated and engaged in learning. Or a child may be displaying a behavior that is counterproductive to learning. If you are experiencing this with your child, you may want to consider implementing a token reward system or what is also know as a token economy. The following article explains the benefits of a token reward system and how you can successfully implement one at home to use with your child throughout his or her school day.

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