Friday River Launch

March 8, 2019

What does EQUITY look like? (the marshmallow on the tower!)

1. Every student per course has the same essential learning objectives regardless of their teacher. (What do we want students to know?)

2. Each teacher measures proficiency or excellence in learning in the same way, with core common assessments-teachers agree on what an A is, B, etc. for their courses. (How will we know when they have learned it?)

3. Each student has more than one attempt to demonstrate proficiency. (How will we respond when they don't learn?)

Think of equity in a PLC/RTI as the "8 + I + R" model: eight common assessments per year, with Intervention and Re-assessment. Eight common assessments are standard practice, but we are starting with three.

Equity is meeting each student where they are at, and giving them what they need to meet the same essential learning objectives, which are graded by the same measures per course.

Thank you for all you do to bring equity to our students!


Coach's Corner ~~with Stephanie Sosa

What did you like to play as a kid? What do you play now? According to Elena Aguilar; "Creativity and play unlock inner resources for dealing with stress, solving problems, and enjoying life. When we are creative, we are resourceful, and we problem-solve in new and original ways, which fuels our courage. Our thinking expands, and our connections with ourselves and others deepen." Not only does taking 'play breaks' allow us to have fun, it literally oxygenates our brain which revitalizes us. Think of how you can "play" in your classroom with students as well; what can it do to revitalize them and you?

How do you play? Here are some suggestions:

build with legos


draw or sketch

hand letter

knit, sew, needlepoint

climb trees

play with a string with your cat

play catch with your dog


try a sport you haven't played before

I added a couple poignant posts to my padlet on this subject, including an award mini animated short film on this very subject of what happens when we lose our creativity:


Thank you,

Stephanie Sosa

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