English IV

Pride and Prejudice

Curriculum review

O’Brien 1

Evan O’Brien

English IV

Mrs. Dearman

10 October 2013

Pride and Prejudice

Throughout this novel by Jane Austen, I learned a lot about different life meanings.

Since I did, I believe that this book should be a part of the English IV curriculum.

When I read novels I get very bored or distracted by other things. This time that did

not happen. As I read the book, the story seemed to interesting to me. I loved all of the

different twists and turns that seemed to happen throughout the novel. The way Austen

incorporated life skills seemed very easy; easier than I thought it could be done. I

especially loved all the different romances that occurred during the story. As a teenager,

we find things like that to be more interesting than other storylines that are in older


In the novel I was able to gather a lot of background information on the time period it

was set in. I learned about the role women played during this time period. I also learned

about how marriage was played out and how it is much different than how it occurs in

modern time. Austen also used many different literary techniques we have learned over

the years.

In conclusion, I believe that this novel is a great one to be taught in this class. I am very

glad I got the opportunity to read one of the most famous novels in literature.


Bingley to Jane:

The love is in the air,

air filled with passion and regret.

Bingly confesses his love,

like a sinner to a priest.

Words spew from his mouth,

like a water cannon

Jane takes in the words,

as if its a breath of air.

Words of truth,

receive a yes from Jane.

Mr.Darcy's Second Proposal to Elizabeth

They say second time is a charm,

well this saying does no wrong.

A second chance awaits

for a beautiful young woman

Romance in the air,

with passion in the heart.

A question to be asked,

a special response,

a life changing event,

ending with one word: yes.