Explorers Come Ashore

Third Grade

Have you ever wondered when people began to settle in South Carolina? Explore means to travel in order to discover something new. This is exactly what some men from Europe did. Groups of men from three different countries, England, Spain, and France, explored South Carolina.

Why Explore This Place?

In Europe, over 400 years ago, kings and queens ruled over everything. Kings and queens are also called monarchs. A monarch's, or ruler's, permission had to be granted for many things. the ruler would also ask the people to do things for him or her. This idea was known as "FOR KING AND COUNTRY." Rulers of European countries asked different men to explore the world. The explorers went for "GOD, GLORY, and GOLD." The rulers wanted them to set up new colonies, persuade new believers to practice their religion, and find riches.


Spain wanted to understand different parts of the world. It also wanted control over other lands. Spain wanted to teach Christianity to other countries. The Spanish ruler wanted gold, silver, and precious metals because they would make the nation richer and more powerful. Also, there were many spices in Asia, so explorers wanted to find a way to get there by boat. The Americans are between Europe and Asia if you travel west. So sometimes the explorers would stop in America thinking they were in Asia.


England wanted the same things that Spain wanted. It also wished to be more powerful than Spain. But Spain had a very strong navy. England did not. Still, English ships would engage in pirate attacks against Spanish ships. They would then steal their gold. English pirates were called "Sea Dogs."


France wanted riches and control over more land, too. Like Spain, it wanted to spread Christianity. France claimed an area of land in North American that was rich in fur pelts. The pelts were made into hats and coats. Animal furs were the wealth France found from exploration.
The expeditions from Europe had to be done by skip. An expedition is a journey or trip. The explorers sailed across dangerous oceans. There were storms and rough seas. Sometimes ships sank. The explorers sometimes ran out of food. There was little medicine and it did not work very well. Many crew members would get sick and die. Still, the explorers went on. Although the expeditions were dangerous, they did have success!